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Akida Care Mobile App & Web Platform

Comprehensive Care management system accessible by all authorized staff from mobile devices wherever they need to work. Key features include:-

Care Plans

This module allows capture and maintain all relevant details of the Care Recipient/Service User to allow provide for care specific to their needs such as:-

  • Personal information such as their names, date of bith, preferred names, hho to contact for more information etc"
  • Alergies - adverse drug reactions, allergies or intolerances
  • Conditions - other medical conditions and how they take their drugs
  • Behaviour - things that may worry or upset them & how they show that, sight & hearing
  • Upload of other relevant documents for reference to support care

Real Time Reporting

This module removes the element of human error and unrealistic paper - based records and stores the data on a secure & encrypted cloud storage. It allows:-

  • Care coordinators, carers & family members within the network to see in real time what services are being provided and the status of the care recipient
  • Carers enjoy reduced paperwork and more time to deliver quality care
  • Instant updates from Carers during client visits
  • Instant messaging to all or to a group of employees on training planned,meetings scheduled etc

Personnel Records

This module allows capture and maintain records or Care Personnel. It allow capture their details including:-

  • Enrollment details such as names, agreed work hours, proof of eligibility to work etc
  • Risk assessment and checks including criminal records bureau disclosure checks, backgroud information checks etc
  • Competency framework for the administration of medication to care recipients
  • Induction check list to ensure the care workers are well equipped to carry out their duties
  • Complaint report to ensure all complaints are recorded and followed through

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