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Data Analysis is not a luxury. It’s a necessity

Using Microsoft Power Bi, we help organisations transform their data into live dashboards and reports that will help them find answers to their most important questions.

Community Development

NGO's hugely benefit from meaning insights to make better decisions and support improve more lives of beneficiaries.

Sample WASH Dashboard

Sales & Retail Mapping

Analyzing sales diligently allows businesses increase efficiency and save on time and resources.

Sample Sales & Retail Mapping Dashboard

Forest Monitoring

Measuring what matters can help save our forests and improve livelihoods of communities living near the forests.

Sample Forest Dashboard

Awareness Measurement

Good awareness insights can help create awareness and eliminates errors such as wrong diagnosis for patients with Dementia.

Dementia Awareness Dashboard

Pre - Election Polling

Understanding likely voters is important for an effective campaign, insights can help achieve great results.

Sample Pre Election Dashboard

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