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Akida Mobile App & Web Platform

Akida enables Organisations keep track of their mobile employees and collect real time audit-able data. Key features include:-

Attendance Monitoring

Check In/Out: with/without photos timestamps gps muster roll attendance calendar

Staff take and send their photos using a mobile phone when they report to their assigned locations. The photo carries their location information (GPS) and date/time.

  • Confirms you have the "right person at the right place and at the right time"
  • Tracks attendance of your mobile & decentralized staff in real time so you can redeploy where need be
  • Eliminates error prone manual recording of both attendance & field reports
  • Saves huge costs by eliminating the need to send supervisors on site to confirm attendance
  • Authorized personnel access attendance reports anytime from anywhere through the web portal

Real Time Reporting

Mobile Forms: images audio timestamps gps realtime & offline

Project managers love this module for the amazing benefits it presents both for field data collection and management. It allows them to:-

  • Easily build, deploy & remotely manage mobile forms/surveys
  • Collect quality data by enforcing appropriate validations on survey questions
  • Access audit-able real-time reports to support prompt & accurate decision making
  • Save huge costs by eliminating the need to print manual paper forms and error prone data entry
  • Add and manage Users who can submit data and who can access assigned web reports

Real Time Alerts

Alerts : sms email push notifications

This module allows for an easy, affordable, effective and highly flexible way to communicate with field staff and maintain records for reference. It allows for:-

  • Managers to send field staff notifications of tasks they need to carry out in the field using SMS
  • Field staff to send real time alerts on information or incidents that require attention priority
  • Notification of other relevants persons of field incidents to allow prompt action
  • Push notifications available for reference such as training content

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