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Upay HR & Payroll Platform

Upay is a robust, customizable & user-friendly human resource, attendance & payroll platform on the cloud. It's features include:-

HR Management

Upay was designed through an intensive engagement with HR experts across various industries to ensure all their requirements are met. The HR module allows users to:-

  • Create and manage digital files of all employees with their relevant details such as photos, education background, skills, next of kins etc
  • Apply for leave online and receive notifications on approvals by authorized personnel
  • Issue and maintain disciplinary records of employees
  • Manage individual and group trainings and carry out perfomace appraisal on employees
  • Generate reports including staff profiles, establishment, workforce, leave, labour budget etc

Payroll Management

The payroll module is highly customizable and can be used to process payroll for permanent staff, piece work and contract employees. It allows for:-

  • Integration with HR module to retrieve relavant details required for payroll processing and payments such as attendance, leave, bank details etc
  • One time set up of recurring payroll parameters such as basic salary, house allowance, loan etc
  • Bulk posting of non - recurring parameters such as overtime earnings, advances, attendance etc
  • Fast processing by pay areas, piece rate or employment type for both variable & fixed payments
  • Standard and statutory reports including payslips, NSSF, NHIF, PAYE, JV, P9A, P10 & bank (EFT formats)

Attendance Management

This module helps keep track of staff attendance and helps ensure employees are paid for the man hours confirmed having worked. It supports:-

  • Custom integration with exisiting biometric units to draw attendance logs for overtime computations
  • Integration with HR module for paid/unpaid leave management and tracking of off days
  • Check In/Out of mobile and and decentralized staff using our mobile app Akida
  • Customized staff attendance and exception reports
  • Performance appraisal of staff based on their attendance history

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